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  1. Only edit the pages and add new information if you have adequate insight into the inner workings of the feature you want to describe.
  2. Follow the style format of the other articles.
  3. Please keep the content encyclopedic.

Changes not following the above guidelines might be reverted.

Stylistic information

  1. Use templates for the button names. For example {{A}} produces A Button and {{Dpad Left}} produces Dpad Left. Full list of the templates can be found here.
  2. When talking about the console, use the term "GCW Zero" and not "GCW-Zero", "GCW0", "GCW", "zer0" or any other combination. You can also interchangeably use the terms "console", "handheld", "device" to make the article easier to read. Please remember that "GCW" is the company (Game Consoles Worldwide LLC.), while "Zero" is the handheld model. Using the term "GCW" while talking about GCW Zero is wrong.