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GCW Zero Manager v0.9

GCW Zero Manager is an application for Windows to make it easier to transfer and manage OPK files. Linux and OSX support is planned for a later release.



  • Easy install / uninstall of apps (OPKs)
  • File browser with file upload and download, folder creation and file deletion
  • System Information with installed version, detailed system information, system log and rootfs integrity check


The GCW Zero Manager can be downloaded from harteex.com.

How to use

The application uses SSH keys for authentication with your GCW Zero console. If you already use SSH keys today, you can have GCW Zero Manager install that key for you. If you're not using SSH keys or don't know what they are, the application will simply generate these keys for you in the Add Connection wizard.

  1. Create a connection. Start up the GCW Zero Manager and click the button Add at the top in the GUI.
  2. Follow the "Add connection" wizard. You may connect to the console through either USB or Wi-Fi connection.

If the wizard fails to connect, look at the troubleshooting chapter below. Otherwise, you're clear to start putting OPKs and files on your device. After successfully setting up a connection, you may turn off anonymous and password based logins in the Network app on your GCW Zero.


If the Add connection wizard fails, here are some possible errors explained.

  • No suitable authentication method found to complete authentication.

This means that you were able to connect to the device, but the authentication failed. Open up the Network app on your GCW Zero and generate a random password. Then enter the generated password in the Add connection wizard in the GCW Zero Manager. In some rare cases, this error may also be caused by a problem with your GCW Zero device.

  • Connection Could Not Be Established

It was not possible to connect to the device. The supplied IP is probably wrong, or the device is not connected properly. If using Wifi, make sure you're connected in the app GCW Connect. If you're on a USB connection, the device drivers might not have been installed properly. Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.

  • No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

This error means that the target machine exists, but the connection to it failed. The reason could be trying to connect to the wrong IP (wrong machine), that the SSH service isn't running properly on your GCW Zero, or firewalls interfering. Check your IP, and if that is correct, it's probably the latter, so check your firewall settings (either the built-in windows firewall, or any 3rd party firewalls if present).

Future Plans

  • Linux and OSX Support
  • Fixes of minor known issues
  • Possibly other things such as some kind of terminal and some kind of backup functionality


For sourcecode, the SVN repo is at https://www.harteex.com/svn/GCWZeroManager/ - use guest/guest for read-only access.

Please contact Harteex at Dingoonity or IRC if you want to contribute.

Bug Reports

Bug reports are best handled at the Dingoonity release thread.