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HWTest - Hardware Testing Application Hwtest.png

The HWTest application is a way to verify all of the buttons and controls on your GCW-Zero works. When you run this application it allows you to verify each of the hardware controls and test the speakers on your Zero.


  • Test Buttons, Controls and Sound on your GCW-Zero


HWTest is accessed from the "applications" menu in the GCW-Zero main interface, by default it is the upper right icon (black icon with blue, green, grey, and white dots). While the HWTest icon is highlighted, press the "A" button on the GCW-Zero to open the application.


All controls are functional in this application. Each control lights up a square corresponding approximately with where the button is on the GCW.

Exit the Application by holding up on the power slider and pressing the "Select" button.


The interface is very basic. There are a series of white squares on the opening screen, in the center of which is the current system time. Pressing any of the buttons, (DPad, A, B, X, Y, L, R, Select, Start) lights up a square corresponding to that button blue. While the button is pressed a green circle appears in the center of the white square. When you let the button up the square turns from white to blue to indicate that that button has successfully passed the test.

There are two white squares in the middle center of the right edge of the screen. These two squares correspond to the power slider. Sliding the slider down into the "lock" position will set the bottom of the two squares to blue, while sliding the power slider to the upper (power off) position will set the upper white square to red to indicate that the power slider works.

Why red, I have no idea since this is the only button that does this.

The analog stick will also print information, an offset between -1 and 1 for X and Y both, to the screen as you move the stick around.

If you wait without pressing any buttons for about 10 seconds, the HWTest application will move to the second screen automatically - Sound Testing.

In the sound test screen the upper left corner tells you what buttons to press for what channels of sound to play.

  • Left Shoulder Button plays the left channel sound.
  • Right Shoulder Button plays the right channel sound.
  • Start Button plays both channel sounds.

You can then press the "Select" button to quit the application.

NOTE and WARNING: I decided to see if holding the power slider in the "Up" position would change the white block from "red" to "blue" indicating I'd held it long enough for a power off. This, however, seems to have turned the SCREEN on the handheld off but left the operating system functional...which means I was still in the HW Test application but unable to see the screen. Pressing L or R did indeed play the sound check, so buttons and controls were functional. When I exited the HW Test application the screen DID NOT turn back on, and I was stuck in the OS without being able to navigate. Holding the power slider "Up" did not Reboot/Power Off the handheld either. I was forced to resort to the "reset" button on the bottom of the handheld. YMMV.

Exiting HWTest

There are 2 ways to exit HWTest:

  • Wait 10 seconds without pushing any buttons on the first screen, then press "Select" On the second (sound test) screen to exit the application.
  • Hold UP on the power slider while pressing "Select" to exit the application and return to the main GCW-Zero interface.